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Clevinger Bass

Set Apart from the Others:

The Clevinger Solid Acoustic
models are semi-acoustic as opposed to slab instruments. Our 30 years experience in building true double bass portables has taught us to avoid unitary neck/body construction (for numerous acoustic reasons) and to retain the tactile ergonomic features of the traditional double bass. Our basses are built for double bassists though many electric bassists have come to love them. One of the great benefits of the Clevinger line is that the playing technique of a classical school is not lost or degraded by time spent playing on a CLEVINGER BASS. We are aware of the numerous "me too" and come lately models of electric double basses. We can honestly state that none comes close with regard to sound quality, playing comfort, portability, durability and faithfulness to the tradition of the double bass. As always, Clevinger basses are hand made of the finest materials.


Martin Clevinger

demonstrating one of his Instruments at The 2005 Namm Show

The Electric double bass

The lofty goal

To create an electric bass which sings with the bow as well as pizzicato, allows the player to express their total range of musical energy, provides a solid foundation in ensembles of any size, sounds as good as a fine acoustic double bass, and features audibility advantages of electric instruments.

The newcomer

An adaptation of an oil painting, circa 1977 by Martin Clevinger Inspiredby a photograph on the frontispiece of Sir Raymond Elgars book: Looking at the Double Bass. Original artwork by Martin Clevinger, 1996. A limited number of high quality prints are available upon request.
Size: 17"X 14"

Please contact Martin Clevinger at martin@clevinger.com ,ask for

"The newcomer print"

These are a limited series printing done professionally on an Iris printer and suitable for framing.

**Pricing has yet to be determined**





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