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( "Kai-meh-rah")

THE acoustic electric upright

In ancient Greek mythology, the Chimera was a formidable monster with the head and front quarter of a lion , a goats head upon his mid-back, and a serpentine fire breathing dragon as his tail section. As in its namesake, the new Clevinger Chimera brings together three striking elements .

1. A Stradivari pattern cello acoustic hollow body: For maximum synergy and strength, we use a laminated cello body specially reinforced and re-fitted to accept a detachable Clevinger double bass neck..

2. A full scale ebony fitted double bass neck (41 1/4" scale): The slim fast action neck is of a new 2001 design. It is made of hard rock maple with choice ebony fingerboard , nut and incorporates a graceful new scrolled headstock with miniature engraved brass half plate bass gears, the design harkens back to the classical forms of Stradivari for a harmonious, traditional appearance.

3. State of the art Clevinger transducer and control electronics: The renowned Clevinger Arco Virtuoso bridge pickup (the near field string pickup). Our latest version of the Arco Virtuoso pickup is the ultimate for both pizzicato and arco performance, and bows beautifully without adjustment The output is high level, but well controlled in both sub sonic and ultra sonic bands, so your amp will be clear and free of distortion. The tone is sweet and full with dynamic expression familiar to those acquainted with the finest acoustic basses. You may bow this bass to your hearts delight and instantly change technique to plucking or slapping, no change in settings is required for great sound in any style. This unique bridge/pickup gives you rich sonic detail, a classical or orchestral pizz decay, an unsurpassed pizz sustain and excellent arco articulation. The Clevinger Holosonic (whole instrument) pickup is combined with the Arco Virtuoso pickup to give the player consummate control and versatility.

The Holosonic pickup constitutes a technological breakthrough in true emulation of acoustic bass sound. The entire instrument is sensitive to your every touch. All vibration produces woody full-bodied sound. When used in combination with the Arco Virtuoso string sensors, amazing sound is achieved. The Clevinger Chimera with its deep soundbox and its manifold resonant parts, produces the complex reverberant sound bassists expect from master quality instruments . The Clevinger Holosonic pickup brings these sounds to life in an acoustic electric instrument. Audiophile quality passive circuitry allows complete control of the blend of both pickups.

Four String - $5299.00
Five String - $5499.00
Cordura Gig Bag - $399.00
Heavy Duty Stage Stand - $229.00





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