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ACCESSORIES   for Clevinger Basses

Suggested Retail Prices 2017

Cordura Gig Bag $349.00
Black heavy duty bag is lined & padded with one bow pouch and one cord

Left Bout $149.00
The right bout is standard equipment. To feel the familiar reference points
of a double bass, add the left bout & knee rest.

Bass Bow $199.00
This black fiberglass bow has genuine horsehair and a leatherette grip. 

Leather Quiver $109.00
Black leather, attaches to the leg/endpin. 

Heavy Duty Stand $269.00
Leave your Clevinger on this stand, ready to play. Your bass has the

Black Poly Flight Case $629.00
Lined with 2" of foam. Three straps. 60" X 10" X 10".  wheels, add $ 35.00

ABS Flight Case $929.00
Sturdy molded plastic case, lined with 3" of foam. Silver. 62" X 13" X 13" 

Clevinger Natural Presence double bass pickup Suggested retail price

$389.00 + shipping

* Installs in seconds without tools

* No alteration to your instrument

* Complete freedom from batteries

* Closest sound to a miked sound as possible

* Best arco and pizzicato at balanced levels

Natural woody tone because the pickup itself is made of wood, the most pleasing conductor of sound. Each pickup is made of genuine Sitka violin-top spruce in a proprietary laminar structure with a transducer element intimately coupled to the wood.
The Clevinger Natural Presence pickup produces warm, sweet lows, complex mids and natural highs, with full expressive dynamic range bowed and plucked. There is no need to change any setting when going between arco or pizz. EQ, pickup switch settings, volume changes and phase gimmicks are someone else's problem. You just play the music and bask in the rich warm tone. Want tonal versatility? You've got it in your fingers. The Clevinger Natural Presence system is so sensitive to player nuance, and you won't need to twiddle dials, stomp pedals, flip switches, or change batteries in the middle of a tune.

*The Natural Presence and tone are optimized by it's composition, no pre-amp is required!

Clevinger Stuff

Custom Options...

Flame Maple Top $269.00

for Clevinger Concerto, Clevinger Opus, Clevinger Deluxe, Clevinger Azola Virtuoso, Clevinger Bassboy Poquito.

Custom Finish $419.00

for Clevinger Concerto, Clevinger Opus, Clevinger Deluxe, Clevinger Azola Virtuoso, Clevinger Bassboy Poquito. Your choice of color. You provide color sample.

RMC Pizz Arco Polyphonic Bridge - $145.00 per string
High tech aerospace composite bridge. Super precise, this bridge is well suited for stadium volume with no feedback. For use with our MIDI systems.

Clevinger Holosonic Pickup $359.00

an addition to all models, except Bassic. When used in combination with the Clevinger Arco Virtuoso bridge pickup, amazing sound is achieved. This pickup detects the resonance of the neck and body.

Gold Tuners add $29.00 per string



RMC Poly Drive I $ 399.00

On board MIDI front end for use with RMC MIDI pickups. Complete kit for installation by qualified technician.

RMC Poly Drive II $429.00

Out-board version of Poly Drive I for use with RMC MIDI pickups.

Axon AX-100 SB Call for price
a complete MIDI library, over 200 sounds.

13 Pin DIN Cable $129.00
23 foot length

RMC Pizz Arco Polyphonic Bridge - $ 145.00 per string






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