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Hello Martin,

I wanted to celebrate my first year with the Opus bass you built for me by telling you how effective a tool it has become for me. It is a magnificent instrument and I am forcing my employers to let me use it instead of my upright and always get rave reviews from the clients and the band.
Last week I played a dinner party for NAMM. They were on Capitol Hill lobbying for more music education in the schools. The great guitarist Donato Soviero and I played dinner music for them as we overlooked the Capitol building and every 20 minutes the whole place would stop eating and break out in applause for us. They all loved your instrument.
Of course it is a real attention getter. It's such a piece of art that the fact that it sounds great just makes it so exceptional.

You are a true Picasso of sound and sight. I hope to someday be able to afford another of your fine instruments to add to my collection.
Here's wishing the best for you.

Scott Giambusso



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Nema Antunes

Nema Antunes playing his Clevinger Concerto with Ivan Lins

Hello!...just received the Bass this morn,... Oh my GOD! it's Amazing! I was a little worried because I have relatively small hands, but it plays beautifully! It showed up in tune, and w/perfect action. Thanks again, you guys are incredible. Best wishes always. R. V. (Clevinger Opus 6 string with honey flame maple top)


James Simonson

Dear Martin and Jennifer,

I've been trying to think of something beautifully poetic to say... it's (his Clevinger Bass) awesome!

Seriously, I've played the bass for critical ears. People dig this thing alot. I'm so glad I got the Holosonic option. What a difference. The raw

magnet pole pieces are very cool as well. Combined with passive electronics,

I feel I'm having a genuine acoustic experience. Unbelievable.

The neck fits my hand very well. Without dots or tape, I was able to find

the notes quickly and gig with it the next day.

The bass is plenty black. The flat finish is killer. Cool knobs. I must

admit, the upper bout attachment is necessary when the jazz gets heavy. I'm happy to have that option.

My basses always get a lot of attention. But, this bass has me swimming

through a crowd of people after the set asking "what is that?". A handful

of people actually got on stage and surrounded me. A little scary... They

just love it.

Combined with my stock 72' Fender Jazz, a pick, a bow, and a pedal board,

I've got it all right there. I was able to keep my rock/jazz piano/organ

trio fresh and inspired all three sets. I've owed and sold about 40+ basses

over the years. I'm finally completely happy.

Thank you for all your hard work on this handmade bass Martin. This bass is

unparalleled in tone, feel, and style. It has a good home and is much


I hope we can meet and chat sometime. Maybe NAMM.


J. S. 10/30/2006


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"What is that odd instrument you're playing?" Listeners always ask. They watch the player lean over a praying mantis-like stick that seems to be holding him up. He plucks its strings and powerful low notes are heard.


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Many of our competitors are known to use off shore fabrication on a production basis. The CLEVINGER BASSES are not placed on showroom floors as mass produced articles, rather each is hand built to the requirements of the customer. Our instruments are far greater in scope than any of our competitors, ranging from solid body instruments, semi acoustic instruments, and thin body acoustic instruments, to fully acoustic instruments. Over 30 years of focus on the critical aspects of electrical circuitry and pickup design has given us an edge over mass production builders. Basses designed by bassists for bassists has been the tradition here since 1979.


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