Clevinger Bass sound clips.  Please choose from the samples below.

Listen to the Clevinger Bass at your leisure by downloading an MP3 file sent to us by Denson Angelo of Utah

  La Meme Chose.mp3, From the new Dave Miller Trio album (soon to be available here on the Clevinger site)
This is the entire cut 3 minutes 30 seconds featuring Martin Clevinger on bass using the Natural Presence  Double Bass Pickup .
The file is about 1.6 megs in size and is of the highest MP3 stereo quality.


49 seconds of Who Could Be Blue ...bowed !

Clevinger Bass Pizz example MP3 (very high quality , 745 KB in size)


  • ASF file
    will open media player on Windows , as the streaming interface, will start almost immediately
    This file is optimized for 56 k or 28,800k modems. (approx 125 kb ).
  • ASF file for high speed connections , ISDN, DSL or cable modems only
  • Real Audio file
      player is needed (about 80 kb , but uh.. the quality..)
  • Macintosh .snd file  
    will play on a Mac's default player (and will play on Windows to.) Almost a meg , but sounds great!, it will take some minutes before it starts to play. (a high speed connection is highly recommended)
  • Download and listen later: a Windows Wav file in Zip file format (self-extracting)
  • or for MAC users a MAC SND in a Stuff-it file format 
    For the true audio-file. These files will sound the best of all the choices here because they will play from your hard disk. The files are available as a self-extracting executables and can be saved to any location on your hard disk. We suggest your desktop as it will be easy to find once downloaded. When this is completed just click on the file, it will extract to "whocouldbeblue.wav"  (or " whocouldbeblue.snd" for the Mac) and then can be opened by the default player just by clicking on it. (approx 450 KB)


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